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                                                        Storms and Rainbows This picture was taken a few days before my birthday on last year as I was going through one of my most difficult battles of pregnancy loss and depression.... It has been after the 1 year anniversary (Aug 30). I did not post because I felt numb. All of the memories flooded me hearing the words "no heartbeat on that day, one year ago. I was not bleeding, so I did not understand why there could not be a heartbeat. It took 2 weeks until the baby passed on Sep. 16 of 2021 (my birthday) in the toilet. I became sad and depressed for this nightmare that did not end. One year later, it is by God's grace that He has kept me through. Since that time, we have had one more MS. I don't know when or if, but I just want God's will. I do desire to grow our family, but again I surrender to God. Two months before my miscarriage on Aug 30, I had a dream that was significant. I have an idea of what it meant but go