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Taking A Stand

            Our healthcare providers are supposed to be compassionate, trusting, knowledgeable, and understanding, but what do you do when you feel a void that leaves you feeling compromised? Like every field, customer service should be top-notch and efficient when interacting with patients. Every person wants the experience that they are genuinely cared for, receive individualized care, be heard. I have had some excellent experiences and more recently, some not so good experiences. It is necessary to self-advocate to ensure that open communication is maintained between yourself and the healthcare provider. Each person should have a supportive team in their lives that provides reassurance that your best interest is kept in mind. My team of health professionals has been amazing which made it difficult when I had my insurance company changed. Who likes change by the way? Change feels intimidating. Daunting. Inescapable. Unnecessary. However, some changes can be good. I tried to approach